Hey there!  I’m Cynthia and proud owner of this awesome event and design planning business as well as An Enlightened Event!  I love having fun with my clients while we’re planning – it’s a GREAT stress reliever.  I’d go into all the yawn inducing details about what makes me a great planner but let’s just say…I can produce some kick ass events that can visually translate YOUR STORY.

I LOVE stories and I want to hear yours.  If you’re interested in sharing it with me, let’s do it while having some tacos.  And to make it even more fun and rebellious, let’s not do it on Taco Tuesday. Or if you’re an animal lover, come over to my place and meet my (okay, the family’s) bunnies, Cutie and Jonathan!

No matter where you want to meet, hop on over to the Contact page, send me an email or if you just can’t wait, schedule a meeting with me!